We welcome professionals/students to join us for PHP training in Jalandhar

The students studying in the IT field must have knowledge or specialization in any language to grow well in future. The basic knowledge about PHP or some practical knowledge helps student to get placed in a good company. Under the graduation period all colleges give 6 weeks or last 6 months for training to get practical knowledge and to improve better skills.

The main task for students is to search best company which can make them experts in one interesting field. Datasys is fastest growing IT company which provides advanced and high level training to their candidates in Jalandhar.

Why Learn PHP?

PHP is probably the most popular server-side scripting language on the web. It is free, faster, light weight, flexible, Cross Platform compatible. Free powerful IDE tools and ready to use codes available for faster development. PHP is one of the most robust, famous and easy to follow dynamic languages that can help in achieving great results with less efforts. Most of the web applications build today are based on PHP platform. IT companies are always looking for talented PHP developers and also offer handsome salary packages.

Learn to program in PHP, a widespread language that powers sites like Facebook, Yahoo! Lots of PHP programmers communities provide help & tips for beginners. You can work as freelancer or start-up your own business.

  1. Operating System
    1. Operating System Overview
    2. Multi-Tasking
    3. Threads
    4. Process Management
    5. Memory Management
    6. File Management
  2. Programming Fundamentals
    1. Algorithm & Data structures
    2. Selections and Control Structures
    3. Arrays and Strings
    4. Functions
    5. Files Handling
  3. Object Oriented Concepts
    1. Beginning with Object-Oriented concepts
    2. Classes & Objects
    3. Encapsulation and Abstraction
    4. Inheritance and Polymorphism
    5. Basic Hands-on Activity
  4. HTML
    1. Basic HTML
    2. HTML5-Overview
    3. HTML5-Systax
    4. HTML5-Attributes
    5. HTML5-Events
    6. HTML5-Web Forms
    7. HTML5-SVG
    8. HTML5-MathML
    9. HTML5-Web Storage
    10. HTML5-Web SQL
    11. HTML5-Server-Sent Events
    12. HTML5-WebSocket
    13. HTML5-Canvas
    14. HTML5-Aduio & Video
    15. HTML5-Geolocation
    16. HTML5-Microdata
    17. HTML5-Drag & Drop
    18. HTML5-Web Workers
  5. CSS
    1. CSS-ID and Class
    2. CSS-Background
    3. CSS-Text
    4. CSS-Fonts
    5. CSS-Links
    6. CSS-Lists
    7. CSS-Tables
    8. CSS-Div Concepts
    9. CSS-Box Model
    10. CSS-Padding and Margin
    11. CSS-Border and outline
    12. CSS-Group/nesting
    13. CSS-Dimension
    14. CSS-Display
    15. CSS-Positioning
    16. CSS-Floating
    17. CSS-align
    18. CSS-Image Gallery
    19. CSS-Image Opacity
    20. CSS-Image Sprites
    21. CSS-Media Type
    22. CSS-attr selectors
  6. MYSQL
    1. Theory, Terminology and Concepts and Architecture
    2. Data Definition using SQL
    3. Query for DATA
    4. Set Operators
    5. Modifying Data
    6. Joins
    7. Sub query
    8. Transactions
    9. Import/Export
    10. MySQL Application Development
    11. Basic Optimization
  7. Adobe Photoshop
    1. Essential Photoshop skills to Manipulate, Combine and mask digital images.
  8. PHP
    1. Introduction of Web & PHP
    2. Exploring Data Types
    3. Control Structures: Logical Expressions
    4. Control Structures: Loops
    5. User-Defined Functions
    6. Debugging
    7. Building Web Pages with PHP
    8. Working with Forms and Forms Data
    9. Working with cookies and sessions
    10. Using PHP to Access MySQL
    11. Building a Content Management System (CMS)
    12. Using Site Navigation to Choose Content
    13. Application CRUD
    14. Building the Public Area
    15. Regulating Page Access
    16. Advanced PHP Techniques
    17. Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
    18. OOP in practice
    19. Working with Files and Directories
    20. Sending Emails
    1. Installing WAMP Server
    2. Installing Joomla on local Sever
    3. Installing Joomla on web Server
    4. Joomla Global Configuration
    5. Article Manager
    6. Archive Manager
    7. Front Page Manager
    8. Section Manager
    9. Category Manager
    10. Media Manager
    11. Menu Manager
    12. Component Manager
    13. Content Manager
    14. Extensions Manager
    15. Module Manager
    16. Plugin Manager
    17. Template Manager
    18. Installing a New Module
    19. Installing a Net Template
    20. Installing a New Plugin
    21. Installing a New Component
    22. Understanding the concept of Joomla Template
    23. Changing the layout structure by changing the module position
    24. Understanding Basic Joomla Template
    25. Customizing Joomla Template
    26. Building custom Joomla Template
    27. Understanding template Details.xml file
    28. Creating templateDetails.XML File using tmpl_bulder
    29. Linking CSS
    30. Linking JavaScript
    31. Understanding [jboc] include
    32. Displaying content in XHTML
    33. Creating template installation Package
    34. Creating Custom Forms
    35. Changing the Form appearance using CSS
  10. Drupal
    1. Drupal Overview
    2. Drupal Installation
    3. Adding new modules
    4. Updating new modules
    5. Basic Drupal Modules Overview
    6. Content Types
    7. Content Creation Kit (CCK)
    8. Users and Roles
  11. Building Social Networking Application in Drupal
    1. Social Networking in Drupal Overview
    2. User Profiles
    3. Images and Photo Galleries
    4. Forum
    5. Buddy List/Friends
    6. Groups
    7. Events
    8. Search Facility
  12. Creating multilingual sites in Drupal
    1. Modules for Multilingual Drupal
    2. Content translation modules
    3. Interface translation modules
    4. Widgets and Other modules
    5. Machine translation modules
    6. Setting up the languages
    7. Domain vs URL
    8. Automatic language selection
    9. Translating Nodes (pages, books, posts, etc.)
    10. Translating other Entities
    11. Language Switcher
    12. Translating Menus
    13. Translating Block Contents
    14. Translating Permission for translators
    15. Tracking differences and updating translations
    16. Helper modules and extras
  13. WordPress-Fundamentals
    1. Understanding hosting options for your WordPress installs
    2. Creating posts with images, image galleries, video’s and links
    3. Building new pages and customizing navigating
    4. Extending functionality with plugins & themes
    5. Best practice for managing users, site maintenance and se
  14. Wordpress-Using Dreamweaver
    1. Understand the WordPress structure, setup and activate themes and child themes
    2. Work with web fonts throughout the text structure of your website
    3. Understand WordPress plugins and styling plugin output
    4. Setup the data in WordPress and adding dynamic data from WordPress to your web pages
    5. Administer, export, import and test WordPress websites
  15. Wordpress- Security and Mobile
    1. Understanding and using the WordPress mobile pack and WP mobile detector.
    2. Hardening WordPress, implementing a firewall, blocking access and detecting hacks through
  16. Wordpress-Visual Wordpress Desing
    1. Constructing, Bulding, Presenting and testing a theme
    2. Adding site extras, setting up single post pages, archiving posts, handling search results and custom error pages
    3. Mobile responsiveness, the different faces of WordPress on mobile
    4. Design thinking, designing for many screen sizes and visualizing content realignment for better markup
    5. Using FlexSlider and Jquery Masonry in your Wordpress site the use of Plugin

Why Learn from us?

Datasys Web Solutions, a visionary company design & develop web based applications in PHP. Their recent achievement is Website Builder in Hindi & Punjabi regional languages. We are working in PHP since 2005 and have completed various projects. Datasys's premium Development Centre is situated at Jalandhar & Chandigarh.

IIHT operates under the roof of Datasys at Jalandhar. At IIHT you will learn to program in PHP using great tools and techniques which are widely adopted by market such as eclipse, Adobe Brackets, Bootstrap, Grids, Smarty, etc. You will learn zen coding technique for faster code development.

Our training program has special focus on practical based learning. We engange you in realtime shopping cart application during the course to provide better understand of the coding and practise latest techniques.

What you will cover in PHP 6 Month Industrial Training course:

  • Study the PHP framework in detail and know the latest trends in technology.
  • Learn from experienced web developer with 10+ years industry experience.
  • Get help from trained developers with years of experience in PHP whenever you face a coding issue or need to understand a concept better.
  • Update your skill sets to facilitate a smooth and efficient transition from legacy systems over to PHP technologies.
  • Build dynamic websites and powerful applications independently.
  • Expect attractive job offers to come pouring in!

Work on Live Projects!
Focus on Lab work rather than theoretical and work on Live Projects. You actually get to build your first ever PHP website in the course!

Interested students fill the form by clicking over the online registration form.

Also you may visit our office in Jalandhar for registration.


IIHT (An initiative of Datasys)

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