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Java Training in Jalandhar (Punjab)

Java is one of our Diploma Programmes under the category of ‘M’ in iSMAC (IT-IMS, Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud). Certainly, Java is one of the most popular programming languages available today. We can witness the demand for Java by the number of job openings available across various job portals. This is because Java is widely used to develop several applications for desktops, servers as well as embedded systems like mobile, laptops, tablets and so on.

IIHT is also recognized as a best Java Training Institute and has an emphatic domestic footprint and dots the map across cites, a few of them being Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Jalandhar. Our course outline as under:-

  1. Operating System
    1. Operating System Overview
    2. Multi-Tasking
    3. Threads
    4. Process Management
    5. Memory Management
    6. File Management
  2. Programming Fundamentals
    1. Algorithm & Data structures
    2. Selections and Control Structures
    3. Arrays and Strings
    4. Functions
    5. Files Handling
  3. Object Oriented Concepts
    1. Beginning with Object-Oriented concepts
    2. Classes & Objects
    3. Encapsulation and Abstraction
    4. Inheritance and Polymorphism
    5. Basic Hands-on Activity
  4. Software Engineering
    1. Software Requirements
    2. Software Design
    3. Software Construction
    4. Software Configuration Management
    5. Software Engineering Process
    6. Software Quality
  5. Testing Fundamentals
    1. Test Scenario
    2. Test Development Process
    3. Test Case Development Process
    4. System & System Integration Test Case Design
    5. Test design techniques
    6. Test case components
    7. Test case Review Process
    8. Perform test case Review
  6. EIM Fundamental
    1. Introduction and Architecture
  7. Core Java
    1. Introduction to Java
    2. Introduction to Java and SDE
    3. Language fundamentals and Operators
    4. Statements
    5. Access Specifies Constructors and Methods
    6. Objects as method Argument
    7. Exercises on Access Specifies Constructors & Methods
    8. Exercises on Language Fundamentals & Operators
    9. Inheritance
    10. Abstract Classes
    11. Interfaces
    12. Object Casting
    13. Wrapper Classes
    14. Java Arrays
    15. Exception Handling
    16. Exercises on Statements
    17. Strings String Buffer and its functions
    18. Collections and Util package
    19. Collections and Util package – Util
    20. Collections and Util package – Scanner
    21. Threads
    22. I/O operations in JAVA
    23. JDBC
    24. Garbage Collection
    25. Overview of Annotation
  8. Industry Practices
    1. Coding Standards
    2. Refactoring
    3. Best Practices in Java
    4. PMD & CPD
    5. Debugging
  9. Junit
    1. Unit Testing Fundamentals
    2. Unit Testing – Junit Standalone
    3. Unit Testing – Junit Server Side / Converges
  10. J2EE Architecture
    1. J2EE Architecture – Web application & Fundamentals
    2. J2EE Architecture
    3. J2EE Architecture – Web servers
  11. Servlets
    1. Servlets - Introduction
    2. Servlets – Context Config
    3. Servlets – Chaining
    4. Servlets – Session Management
    5. Servlets – Filtering
    6. Servlets – Listeners
  12. JSP
    1. JSP – Basic
    2. JSP – Elements
    3. JSP – Implicit Objects & Forms
    4. JSP – Directives
    5. JSP – Beans & Actions
    6. JSP – Custom Tags
    7. JSP – JSTL
  13. JavaScript
    1. Java Script – Basics
    2. Java Script – Objects & Events
  14. Ajax and DOJO
    1. Introduction to Ajax
    2. Introduction to DOJO
  15. Angular JS
    1. MVC Pattern in JavaScript
    2. Introduction to DOJO
    3. Code separation and concerns
    4. Observers and notifications
    5. Linking model and view
    6. MVP AND MVVM pattern
    7. Data binding and events
  16. J2EE Designing
    1. EJB
    2. JMS
    3. Web services
    4. Design Fundamentals
    5. Design Pattern
    6. UML
    7. Lend a hand – Desing Document
  17. Process and Quality
    1. Metrics
    2. Review
    3. Defect Management

Why Learn from us?

Datasys Web Solutions, a visionary company. We are working in java and have completed various projects. Datasys's premium Development Centre is situated at Jalandhar & Chandigarh.

IIHT operates under the roof of Datasys at Jalandhar. At IIHT you will learn to develop cloud using great tools and techniques which are widely adopted by market. 

  • With time, Mobile Application Development is the hottest domain in IT and Java is the #1 choice for developers/enterprises.
  • There are numerous job opportunities for Java Developers with extremely lucrative pay checks.
  • It is easy to learn Java programming, even if you are new to programming.
  • You will find Java being used everywhere, on desktop, on mobile, on scientific supercomputers, game consoles or any other technology you think of.

We also have specialize course for web development in PHP.

What you will cover in PHP 6 Month Training course:

  • Study the PHP framework in detail and know the latest trends in technology.
  • Learn from experienced web developer with 10+ years industry experience.
  • Get help from trained developers with years of experience in PHP whenever you face a coding issue or need to understand a concept better.
  • Update your skill sets to facilitate a smooth and efficient transition from legacy systems over to PHP technologies.
  • Build dynamic websites and powerful applications independently.
  • Expect attractive job offers to come pouring in!

Work on Live Projects!
Focus on Lab work rather than theoretical and work on Live Projects. You actually get to build your first ever PHP website in the course!

Interested students fill the form by clicking over the online registration form.

Also you may visit our office in Jalandhar for registration.


IIHT (An initiative of Datasys)

Old Kapurthala Road, Near Joshi Hospital, Adj. to Metropolis Lab, Jalandhar-144001.

Call us: Landline: 0181-4647474, Mob: 9478-747474


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