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The benefits of having a professional looking and functional web site are immeasurable for the businesses in today’s economy. A good designed web site leave a significant impact on the visitor. That is why! We give importance to the design of the website. We use style sheets, graphics and animations to make your site attractive and to give it recognition around the world. We know that a good website design should be optimized with speed, flexibility and expandibility. One of the important aspect of a website is search engine optimized design. We take care to design a website which is optimized for major search engines to reach your goals.

Having our own in-house development team enables us to develop the project from start to finish. We discuss your ideas and advise on solutions that are best for your business, budget and market place. Instead of using technical jargon, we show you examples and illustrations of exactly how we intend to turn your ideas and specific requirements into a polished online solution. We have vast experience in developing in different platforms, we are confident in developing in .NET, PHP, Cold Fusion and Flash.

We provide mock up pages of both the front end and back end systems to give you the chance to test out the userbility before it the project is delivered.

We offer customized e-commerce solutions for every individual / Business. Our e-commerce features cover each and every part of the business. We can wrap our solutions around whatever business strategies you have. We understand your requirement before we provide appropriate solution. We integrate the site with any payment gateway around the world.

We develop a user friendly environment in the design, that make a customer easy to use. We add hassle free administrative interface that makes it very easy to maintain your business online.

We believe that web sites are more than a static information pages. The information on the sites continuously needs updation.

So, we design a dynamic website for our clients that are integrated with databases and the information can even be edited by a layman in password protected administrator section. Our team of expert programmers having indepth knowledge of web programming gives you the best solutions of any kind of cms application you require to implement on internet or on intranet. We give lot of stress on the security related issues.

We also provide desktop solutions for your business. We fully understand your requirements before we start and study the feasibility of the system and provide you the best solution to your business. desktop applications still enjoy the following benefits over web applications:

Desktop applications have a richer and more user friendly controls

It is possible for desktop applications to interact with the hardware installed on the user’s machine.

In most cases the performances of desktop applications are better than similar web applications.

It is easier to integrate desktop applications with other third-party software products.

We offer organic search engine optimization to achieve good ranking on popular search engines. We apply all by fair means which is best suitable to your business. Search Engines are the best source of traffic to your website with more than 85% of web users use search engines to find web sites. Around 90% of them don’t go beyond 3 pages of the search results, with majority of them visiting websites listed on the first page. If your website is not listed in top 10 for major search engines, you are losing to your competition every moment. Through past data it is proven that search engine marketing if implemented, results in increase in revenue and its ROI is unmatched by any other marketing strategy.

Our creative team is experienced in designing animations for the full range of media from traditional print and exhibition projects, to all manner of digital creations. A touch of Flash design to your site can make all the difference. The use of simple HTML is not enough. A balanced amalgamation of Flash with HTML will draw more visitors to your site.

Graphics adds a new dimension to the any web page. So to give an interesting touch in our web designing, we have enthusiastic and creative team of graphic designers expertise in Photoshop, corel draw, flash, image ready and different graphic software’s. We have enthusiastic and creative team of graphic designers. They have expertise in leading graphic designing software’s.

We provide web hosting solution for personal and small business websites - reliable and fast servers, devoted support. We own linux server to provide you reliable web hosting service to host your websites and web based application and keep it secure with firewall to protect your information from un-authorized access. We have unlimited web space plans as well as limited web space plans as per requirement. We also offer domain registration at compitative rates.

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