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Cloud Training in Jalandhar (Punjab)

Cloud Computing is one of our Engineering Programmes under the category of ‘C’ in iSMAC (IT-IMS, Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud). Cloud Computing is basically storing and accessing information, applications and other resources over the internet, instead of your own hard drive. The market for Cloud Computing is increasing at a tremendous rate. As we know more and more companies are adopting Cloud to host their applications, Cloud Computing professionals are highly in demand!

With multiple centres at Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata, Jalandhar and many other cities, IIHT has emerged as a preferred destination for IT skill upgradation.

At IIHT’s Engineering Programme in Cloud Computing, you will learn about Cloud Computing Environment and Platforms, Managing Virtualized Environment using Microsoft Hyper V, Vmware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, Configuring and Deploying a Private Cloud using Microsoft System Center, Monitoring and Operating a Private Cloud using Microsoft System Center, Implementing Private Cloud Stack with Open source OpenStack Cloud Fabric, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Nagios.

  1. Understanding Cloud Computing Environment and Platforms
    1. Introduction and Characteristics of Cloud
    2. Cloud computing and Business Value
    3. Security benefits of cloud computing
    4. Risks
    5. Recommendations and key messages
  2. Learning and Managing Virtualized Environment using Microsoft Hyper V
    1. Planning for Virtualization
    2. Implementing Server Virtualization with Hyper-V
    3. Creating and Configuring Virtual Hard Disks and Virtual Machines
    4. Configure Networking in Hyper-V
    5. Scale-up Virtual Machine
    6. Hyper-V Replica and Disaster Recovery
  3. Learning and Managing Virtualized Environment using VMware vShpere
    1. Introduction to VMware Virtualization
    2. Creating Virtual Machines
    3. Installing VMware Components
    4. VMware vCenter Server
    5. Configuration and Managing Virtual Networks
    6. Configuration and Managing Virtual Storage
    7. Virtual Machine Management
    8. Access and Authentication control
    9. Resource Management and Monitoring
    10. High Availability and Fault Tolerance
    11. Scalability
  4. Learning and Managing Virtualized Environment using Citrix XenServer
    1. Xenserver Introduction
    2. Xenserver and XenCenter Installation
    3. Windows Virtual Machines
    4. Linux Virtual Machine
    5. Templates and Life-Cycle Operations
    6. Networking
  5. Learning and Managing Virtualized Environment using Citrix XenAPP
    1. Introduction Basic Administration for Citrix XenApp 6.5
    2. Licensing XenAPP
    3. Installing XenAPP
    4. Configuring XenApp Administration
    5. Installing and Configuring Web Interface
    6. Delivering Applications and Content
    7. Streaming Applications
    8. Configuring Printing
  6. Learning and Managing Virtualized Environment using Citrix XenDesktop
    1. Understanding the Architecture of a XenDestop Solution
    2. Managing Licenses and Delegating Administration
    3. Managing Desktops and Applications
    4. Managing Policies and Profiles
    5. Managing Sessions, Sites and Users with Director
    6. Managing Provisioning Services and Personal vDisks
  7. Configuring and Deploying a Private Cloud using Microsoft System Center
    1. Planning for the Cloud
    2. Configuring and Deploying the Private Cloud with Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager
    3. Extending and Maintaining the Cloud Infrastructure
    4. Configuring Application Delivery
    5. Creating the Private loud Building Blocks
    6. Deploying and Configuring Access to Private Cloud
    7. Monitoring a Cloud Infrastructure
    8. Extending and Customizing Monitoring of the Cloud Infrastructure
    9. Implementing Service Management for the Cloud
    10. Configuring High Availability, Disaster Recovery and Protection for a Cloud
    11. Automating and Standardizing a Cloud
    12. Configuring a Self-Service and Multi-treatment Private Cloud
  8. Monitoring and Operating a Private Cloud using Microsoft System Center
    1. Introduction to the Cloud Model
    2. Configuring a Private Cloud Environment
    3. Deploying Cloud Services
    4. Monitoring Cloud Base Application
    5. Configuring Application Performance Monitoring
    6. Operating and Extending Service Management in the Private Cloud
    7. Automating Incident Creation, Remediation and Change Requests
    8. Problem Management in the Private Cloud
    9. Automating Self-Service Provisioning
    10. Operating a Self-Service, Multi-Tenant Cloud with Windows Azure Pack
    11. High Availability, Protection and Recovery for the Cloud
    12. Optimizing Your Cloud Infrastructure
    13. Configuring SLAs, Dashboards and Widgets
  9. Implementing Private Cloud Stack with Open source OpenStack Cloud Fabric
    1. OpenStack Platform architecture
    2. OpenStack Platform installation
    3. Keystone identity service
    4. Swift object storage service
    5. Glance image service
    6. Cinder block storage service
    7. Networking Service
    8. Nova compute and controller services
    9. Implement an additional compute node
    10. Configuring High Availability, Disaster Recovery and Protection for a Cloud
    11. Configuring a Self-Service and Multi-tenant Private Cloud
  10. Amazon Web Service (AWS)
    1. Introduction and History to AWS
    2. Identity key AWS storage options
    3. Compute Services & Networking
    4. AWS Managed Services & Database
    5. Deployment and Management
  11. Microsoft Azure
    1. Introduction to Azure
    2. Implementing and Managing Virtual Networks
    3. Implement Virtual Machines
    4. Managing Virtual Machines
    5. Implementing Websites
    6. Planning and Implementing Storage
    7. Implementing Cloud Services and Mobile Services
    8. Implementing Azure Active Directory
  12. Office 365
    1. Introduction Office 365
    2. Introduction Exchange Online
    3. Sharepoint Online
    4. Lync Online
  13. NAGIOS
    1. Downloading Nagios, Installing Nagios, Nagios core, Plugins, frontends, addons, Nagios XL, Nagios Fusion
    2. Getting started with Nagios
    3. Using Nagios
    4. Monitoring Linux System
    5. Monitoring Windows Systems
    6. Monitoring network Devices
    7. Agents
    8. Nagios alerts and Notifications
    9. Nagios architecture

Why Learn from us?

Datasys Web Solutions, a visionary company. Our recent achievement is Cloud based solutions. We are working in cloud and have completed various projects. Datasys's premium Development Centre is situated at Jalandhar & Chandigarh.

IIHT operates under the roof of Datasys at Jalandhar. At IIHT you will learn to develop cloud using great tools and techniques which are widely adopted by market. 

  • According to “India Cloud Computing Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2020”, the market for cloud computing services in India is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 22% during 2015-2020.
  • According to a recent report by Gartner, cloud computing will constitute the bulk of IT spending by 2016. In India alone, it is predicted that the cloud market will reach over $3 billion by next year—an almost five-fold increase from 2012.
  • Cloud Computing salaries are sky-rocketing, starting with 5-6 lacs p.a.


We also have specialize course for web development in PHP.

What you will cover in PHP 6 Month Training course:

  • Study the PHP framework in detail and know the latest trends in technology.
  • Learn from experienced web developer with 10+ years industry experience.
  • Get help from trained developers with years of experience in PHP whenever you face a coding issue or need to understand a concept better.
  • Update your skill sets to facilitate a smooth and efficient transition from legacy systems over to PHP technologies.
  • Build dynamic websites and powerful applications independently.
  • Expect attractive job offers to come pouring in!

Work on Live Projects!
Focus on Lab work rather than theoretical and work on Live Projects. You actually get to build your first ever PHP website in the course!

Interested students fill the form by clicking over the online registration form.

Also you may visit our office in Jalandhar for registration.


IIHT (An initiative of Datasys)

Old Kapurthala Road, Near Joshi Hospital, Adj. to Metropolis Lab, Jalandhar-144001.

Call us: Landline: 0181-4647474, Mob: 9478-747474


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